Theme Specifications


There are 18 colors built in to the platform. You can choose them for band and block colors. You also choose one of the colors to be the profile color for your site. See below for a description of where the profile color appears. For accessibility reasons, Light Gray, Off White, and White are not available for the profile color. White is used by default in the platform, but cannot be chosen as a color.

Black #0b0c0

Gray #646c78

Light Gray #95a0ad

Off White #ecf0f3

Blue #092940

Accent Blue #397aac

Light Blue #3f7d97

Indigo #00376d

Turquoise #3c807d

Green #588023

Olive #9a6f09

Orange #c05411

Red #a83338

Purple #701c45

Deep Purple #662e6b

Core white

Cool Gray #606c76

Warm Gray #757575


The Digital Commons platform uses Transport New, a redrawing of the typeface designed for British road signs. It's very readable with easily-distinguished letterforms, and ideal for websites.

The platform employs heavy, medium, and light versions of the typeface. Georgia Italic is used for the Quote style:

Nulla facilisi. Aenean venenatis nisl ex. Nullam a fringilla orci. 

Example of typefaces on the platform

Profile Color

You can choose a profile color for your website. It will appear by default in several places: 

  • Topical navigation (main menu bar)
  • Horizontal Rule under page titles
  • Background to Slide Text field in carousel slides
  • Statistic Value field in Statistic cards
  • Text links when on a white background, such as in a text field or Article Card.
Color Profile locations on a landing page
Landing Page
  • Breadcrumb text
  • Administrative links
  • Menu highlight in the right rail
Color Profile locations on a site page
Site Page

Enterprise Header

You can choose from three options for the Enterprise Header and Footer on your website: Dark, White, and Off White. The header and footer cannot be configured separately from each other. You must design your logo artwork for the background color you choose. The maximum logo space is 60px tall by 290px wide. The logo must be a .PNG format.

Example of enterprise header colors: dark, white, off white.