Breadcrumbs on Data Tables


Web Managers can add breadcrumbs to a data table by adding it to the main menu.


Web Managers


Breadcrumbs only appear on content that is part of the main menu. You can add a data table to the menu and it will have breadcrumbs.

A table without breadcrumbs

However, adding the data table to the menu means that the right rail will appear on the node, which reduces the table width.

a table with a right rail

If the table is too wide for the space alloted, a plus sign (+) demonstrates that more columns are available than are visible. Clicking on the plus sign displays the additional column(s) underneath the row.

displaying hidden columns


1. In the Admin menu, go to admin/structure/menu, and click the Add Link button next to Main Menu.

Add Link button

2. Enter the name of the link and the path to the data table. Then click the Parent Link drop-down menu to select where the data table should go in the site structure.

fill out the add link form

3. In this example, the data table goes under Capital Project Coordinators. Select that item, then click Save.

select the submenu

The data table will now display as shown above, with breadcrumbs and a right rail menu.