Upgrading to Portal Theme

The new Portal theme available on the Digital Commons platform employs Bootstrap 5, the fast-loading, accessible framework developed by Twitter. It is built mobile-first, cost-efficient, and adheres to accessibility compliance standards for people with disabilities at the core. 

The following steps will help you address switching your agency website from the Base theme to a new Portal theme on Digital Commons platform. To learn more about the Portal theme upgrades visit our new training module.

Learn about new Portal Theme upgrade

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    Get ready

    1. Review your website logo to comply with the Portal theme logo requirements:

    • Logo size have been increased to accommodate 250px x 75px.

    Note: Digital Solutions have a collection of site logos saved and will let you know if your site logo is missing.

    2. Review and decide on your favorite color palettes from six accessible options Portal theme color palettes. By default, every site will be switched to a Primary color palette.


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    Preview theme on UAT

    After we complete UAT update and switch, we will let you know to start the review:   

    1. Review all Main Menu landing pages in case there is a need for minor touch up: paragraph spacing, CTA colors etc.

    2. Review available Default views now build into the platform core and styled for best user experience. Consider utilizing available default options: 

    • /blog  (grid view of blogs)
    • /blog-entry-list   (listing view of blogs)
    • /events  (listing view of upcoming events)
    • /past-events  (listing view of past events)
    • /upcoming-events-page (upcoming events in a grid view)
    • /news/press-releases (listing view of press releases)

    3. Document pages with known embeds, like Tableau or ArcGIS maps. We will help you address needed code updates to make <iframe> responsive for mobile devices. 

    4. Footer blocks will be added when we will switch your Production site, no work is needed on the UAT mock-up.

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    Day of upgrade

    On the day your site is scheduled for the upgrade one of the Digital Services team members will reach out to let you know that your Production site is upgraded to Portal theme and ready for some minor grooming.

    We will set up co-work time right after the upgrade to address any issues.

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    Next Steps

    After upgrading to the Portal theme you could make additional updates to your Home page.

    Tab/Accordion Item

    Web managers could add a Hero image to the Home page and update website welcome message. 

    For optimal experience, we recommend using images with a minimum of 2880px x 1200px to account for width changes on different devices.

    Example: https://nccob.nc.gov/

    Web managers could request a Search block with Popular topics to be added to the Home page. Use your website Google Analytics data to identify the most popular topics. 
    Note, we recommend keeping the number of popular topics under six for the best user experience. 
    Please add a ServiceNow ticket for the Search block to be added and list all Popular topics with links. 
    Example: https://www.ncsbe.gov