Migration Progress

Author: Marla Laubisch

Five sites are now on the Drupal 8 Digital Commons platform, and 2 more in progress. We appreciate the willingness of these initial agencies to take this journey with us. Shout outs to Public Staff, ORBIT, eProcurement, CWMTF, and Environmental Education web teams!

Our migration scripts become better with each site, and we can now include agency web teams in the post-migration cleanup process. We'll provide you with a roadmap, so you know what work needs to be done to complete the site before launch.

We're excited about D8's capabilities, and our development team continues to improve the platform each sprint. As each agency comes onto the platform, they are invited to Sprint Reviews. Held every two weeks on Teams, the Digital Solutions team showcases work completed during the sprint, which informs the agencies about the new features available on their sites. 

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