Digital Commons Agency Website Managers

Website  Agency Website Manager Imogen Hoyle
Administration Jaylan Harrington
Administrative Hearings Alex Burgos/Dana McGee
African American Heritage Commission Adrienne Nirde
Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Partnership Heather Jennings
American Indian Heritage Commission Quinn Godwin
Archaeology Courtney Page
Archives Ruth Cody
Auditor Terry Norwood
Board of Elections Vacant
Broadband Infrastructure Office Kelly Gardner
Budget and Management Marcia Evans/Paula Jones
Commerce David Rhoades 
Controller Brian Reinhardt
COVID-19 Response Kristin Zachary
DefTech  Denny Lewis
Digital Commons Imogen Hoyle
Employment Security Larry Parker
Environmental Education Lisa Tolley; Marty Wiggins 
Environmental Quality Lucy Rojo
eProcurement Jeff Gates
Ethics Commission Kathleen Edwards/Corey Curry
Fire Marshal Alexandra /Cory Reddick 
Governor Paul Barker 
Health and Human Services John Booth
Health Information Exchange Authority Kelly Gardner
Health Plan Justin Wylie
Health Service Benefits- Medicaid Dan Guy/Katherine Batton
Historic Sites Jennifer Farley
Hometown Strong Karl Galloway
Human Resources Devon McGreavy
Information Technology Kelly Gardner
Innovation Council Stephen Snively
IT Services Kelly Gardner
Insurance Cory Reddick 
Job Ready Jessica Englert 
Labor John Mallow
Lieutenant Governor John Wesley Waugh
Military and Veterans Affairs Dwight Collins
Museum of History Marcie Gordon
N.C. Land and Water Fund  Will Summer 
Natural and Cultural Resources

Diego B. Guijarro

Natural Heritage Program Rodney Butler/Meredith Wojick
NCCASH Kevin Key
NCPRO Emily (Lou) Owoc
ORBIT-MyNCRetirement Chris Frazier 
Parks Kris Anne Bonifacio
Public Instruction Eric Knuckles 
Public Safety Kirsten Barber
Public Staff Dan Birkbichler
Queen Anne's Revenge Kim Kenyon 
Ready NC Brian Haines
RebuildNC Sarah Crump/Kathleen Jacob
Retirement Chris Frazier 
Revenue Brandon Bell
Roanoke Island Festival Park Vacant
Safety and Health Review Commission Karissa Sluss
State Library Kaili Sullivan
Trails Kris Anne Bonifacio
Treasurer Kevin Key 
Museum of the Albemarle Rebecca Stiles/Andrew Nelson Redondo
Museum of the Cape Fear Leslie Leonard
Mountain Gateway Museum Brittany Bennett
NC Arts Council Ai-Ling Chang
NC National Guard Maj. Desmond Marks