Help Topics

Are some of these words unfamiliar? Check out the Glossary of Terms.  See also, Training Videos.

Help Topic Description Audience
Accessibility Checker The Accessibility Checker runs automatically. It identifies potential accessibility issues and tells you how to correct them.
Alert The Alert Block is meant for providing lightweight feedback about an operation or highlighting time-sensitive information to site visitors. Web Manager
Article Card The Article Card is meant to be used as a general teaser for content.
Audio and Podcast File Embed Embed an audio file in a text editor/WYSIWYG. Site visitors can play the audio directly from the page. Web Manager
Blog Entry The Blog Entry feature provides standard blogging functionality to your site.
How To Page How To pages can be used to provide clear step-by-step procedures. Web Manager
Button Style Buttons can be used to highlight links on a page.
Callout Callout blocks can call attention to certain text and images.
Carousel The Carousel block is meant for either Banner (single image/slide) or Slider (multiple images/slides) content.
Catalog Catalogs are useful to organize a complex list of items, as in a program directory.
Clickable Email Clickable email addresses allow users to click and open their default email application.
Clickable Phone Number Making telephone numbers clickable on mobile devices.
CTA Card The CTA Card is meant for content that prompts a Call to Action from a site visitor.
Data Table Data Tables are created with a CSV file upload. Web Manager
Event How to create an Event content type.
Image Choosing between JPG and PNG image formats.
Landing Page How to create a Landing page and add blocks into bands.
Tab or Accordion Create a link to content that is hidden on a page by Tab or Accordion.
Main Image The Main Image appears at the top of a site page.
Managing Content How to manage content on the Digital Commons platform.
NC Map The NC Map block is a responsive, interactive map of North Carolina counties which can display information and link to other web pages.
Press Release How to create a Press Release page content type.
Profile A Profile features a biography of senior leadership or committee members.
Profile Card A Profile Card highlights an individual. It displays a photo, name, job title, phone number, and email address, and can be linked to a full Profile or biography.
Quick Links The Quick Links block is a compact way to present a list of related links. Two styling options are available.
URL Redirects Web Managers can create a friendlier, shorter URL, which can be used in press releases and newsletters. Web Manager
Site Page The site page is the most basic and most often-used content type.
Statistic Card Statistic Cards provide statistical information about your content.
Summary Field The Summary field displays a deliberate description of your blogs and press release pages rather than a default description.
Tabs/Accordion Accordions and Tab Accordions allow you to organize information on a page so that only the first entry is visible, and the other entries are visible when the user clicks on the tab.
Taxonomy Taxonomy is used to classify website content, such as tags used to classify or categorize posts in a blog. Web Manager
Text Editor Enter content in a text editor - WYSIWYG.
Upload a File There are two methods of uploading files, which behave differently. This article also specifies how to replace and delete files.
User Accounts: Adding a New User Web Managers have the ability to add new users to their Digital Commons website. Web Manager
User Accounts: Canceling or Blocking Web Managers can cancel user accounts or block users from accessing a website. Web Manager
Video Card Place and play videos on your website.
Viewing Webform Submissions Web Managers can view all submissions from a webform, and save it as a CSV file. Editors and Publishers can view submissions from forms they created. Web Manager
Webforms The Webform content type contains a form or questionnaire accessible to users. Web Manager
Workbench How to navigate My Workbench.
Media Library Uploading Media items: Audio Files, Documents, Icons, and Images.
Color Palettes Six accessible color palettes are available for Digital Commons websites.
Mobile Responsive iframes How to make iframes responsive for mobile
Moderation Dashboard View and manage moderated content submitted by users. Web Manager
Views Create a Custom View (for Events, Press Releases, Blogs, etc.) and embed the block on a Landing Page or Site Page. Web Manager
Event Card Event Cards help raise awareness, improve visibility, and increase attendance for scheduled events. Web Manager
Spotlight Spotlight paragraphs can be used to highlight press releases, events, featured articles, and links. Web Manager

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