Create an Event Page to announce your agency's new and recurring public events, meetings and hearings. Customize your page by adding images, links and buttons.

Note: New events are not automatically posted once published. Limited information will show up in agency calendars until approved for publication. 

How To

Go to Content > Add Content > Event

  1. Title: Page name (required). 
  2. Main Image: Optional. You can add an image here and it will appear above the content placed in the Event Description field below.
  3. Summary: Adding relevant terms to the Summary field helps with search results. You can add up to 150 characters of descriptive text. Text will not be visible. 
  4. Event Description: Use the Text Editor to add content, similar to how you would using Microsoft Word.
  5. When: Start/end dates and times, with an "all day" option.
  6. Where: Note required fields.
  7. Online Access: Enter text only if online access is available.
  8. Cost: Any fees associated with the event.
  9. Files: If you have a document associated with your page, upload it here.
  10. Related Content: Paste text here in the form of a link. In the Link Text field, type the words you want to link to. Click the Add Another Item button to create more links.
  11. Event Type and Event Terms are taxonomy fields. If a selection is made here, the term appears at the bottom of the saved page with special treatment. It also helps site visitors filter the events on the Event list page.
  12. Organizer: Person or group responsible for hosting the event.
  13. Contact: Name, Email and Phone Number for main contact person.

    Create a Scheduled Event

    1. Repeat each step above.
    2. Change Save As status to Unpublished.
    3. Go to Right Rail > Scheduling options 
      • Add date
      • Change Publish state to Published.