Event Card

Promoting Events Related to a Topic


Event Cards help raise awareness, improve visibility, and increase attendance for scheduled events.


Web Managers and Publishers

Event Card Examples:

Event Card example with image.

Event Card example without image.

How To

  • 1

    Open a Band

    On a Landing Page, add or edit a Band. (In this example, a 4-Column Band).

    • Add a Band:

    Add Band button

    Add Band menu.

    • Choose a Column (in this example, Left).

    Column selection menu.

    • Edit an existing Band:

    Edit Band button.

  • 2


    Add Titles, if desired.

    • Full Width Top Title — In this example, Band Title.

    Full Width Top Title field.

    • This places a Top Title across the full width of the Band.

    Band Title.

    • Left Top Title — In this example, Card Title. (Left Top Title indicates the Title is being placed in the Left Colum of a 4-Column Band).

    Left Top Title field.

    • This places a Title above the Event Card.
  • 3

    Add Event Card

    • Under Child Paragraph, choose Add Event Card from the Add dropdown menu.

    Add dropdown menu.

    • In this example, Left Child Paragraph indicates the Card is being placed in the Left Column of a 4-Column-Band.
  • 4


    To add an image (if desired):

    • Click Add Media.

    Add Media button.

    • Upload an image, or choose an image from the Media Library. Make sure the image has Alternate Text.

    Chosen media.

  • 5

    Image Style

    Choose an option from the Image Style dropdown menu (in this example, None):

    • None
    • Rectangle
    • Portrait
    • Square

    Image Style dropdown menu.

  • 6

    Minimum Recommended Image Size

    Content or Paragraph Type Width x Height
    Event Images      
    — Page View 1480 x 833
    — Grid View 825 x 600
  • 7

    Event Date

    Choose a Date for the event:

    1. Click the Calendar icon.
    2. Navigate to the appropriate Day and click to choose it.
    3. Click Clear to reset and choose another date.
    4. Click Today to select today's date.

    Event Date calendar options.

    Optional Method:

    • Enter Day, Month, and Year manually.

    Manual date entry.

  • 8

    Event Type

    • Enter a Type for the Event (in this example, Concert).

    Event Type field.

  • 9

    Card Address

    Add an address/location for the Event. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required:

    • Country — Choose United States from the Country menu.

    Card Address, Country menu.

    • City (*) — Choose a City for the Event (in this example, Raleigh).

    Card Address, City field.

    • State (*) — Choose a State from the dropdown menu (in this example, North Carolina).

    Card Address, State menu.

  • 10


    Link to a page describing the Event:

    URL (*) — Enter a web address for a page describing the Event.

    URL field.

    Link Text — Enter a Title for the Event (in this example, Gershwin Piano Concerto).

    Link Text field.

  • 11


    • Text entered in the Text field appears directly below the Event Card.
    • In this example, Left Text indicates the Card is being placed in the Left Column of a 4-Column-Band.

    Left Text field.

  • 12


    •  Click Save, at the bottom of the Edit page, to save the page and view results.

    Save button.