Press Release

The press release content type publishes a traditional news release about a new development, an announcement or other matters. 

How To

Go to Content > Add Content > Press Release

1. Title (required): Add the headline or title of the press release. 

2. Subtitle: Press releases are the only content type to have a subtitle. It appears underneath the title and gives more specific information about the news. The use of a subtitle is optional.

3. Release date: Enter the date the press release is published. The date appears above the main text.

d8 press release 1-3

4. City/Location (required): Add the city or location where the press release is published or the news in it happens. The city/location appears above the main text in the published press release.

5. Main image: Add an image here, and it will appear above the content entered in the page content field below.

6. Summary: Adding relevant terms to this field helps describe the page in search results. You can add descriptive text of up to 150 characters. The text is not visible on the published page.

d8 press release 4-6

7. Page content: Use the text editor to add content, similar to how you would using Microsoft Word.

8. Contact name: Enter the name of the person anyone with questions about the press release should contact.

9. Contact phone: Enter the contact person's phone number.

10. Contact email: Enter the contact person's email.

d8 press release 7-10

11. Files: If you have a document associated with your page, upload it here.

12. Related content URL: Paste an internal or external link to related content.

13. Link text: Write a title describing the page you are linking to. Click Add Another Item to create more links.

d8 press release 11-13

14. Save.