Main Image

 The Main Image appears at the top of a site page. It is automatically resized to fit when you upload it. The main image is also responsive, which means that it adapts to the different widths of mobile and desktop screens.

Each site page can have only one main image. 

  • Maximum image size: 256 MB
  • Allowed image types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg and svg

Main images can be added in two ways: uploaded directly or selected from the media library.

Upload a Main Image

Go to Main Image > Add Media.

Step 1. Choose File: To add a new image file to the library, click on choose file. Select the file directory on your computer and locate the file you want to add. Double-click on the image to select it.

screenshot of Choose File box

Step 2. Image alternative text (required): Enter a short description of the image. The description helps with accessibility for people with disabilities. It is used by screen readers and displayed when the image is not loaded.

screenshot of Main Image step 2

Step 3. Decorative image: Check this box when adding an image that will enhance the appearance of the page but won't convey any meaning. Screen readers ignore decorative images. Do not add alternative text for decorative images.

Step 4. Image name: The file name of the uploaded image automatically appears in this text box. You can change the image name.

Step 5. Show in media library: Check this box to put the image in the media library, where it can be found for later use.

screenshot of Main Image instructions steps 3-5

Step 6. URL alias: A URL is automatically assigned to the item by its position on the site. If you want to use a different URL, enter it in the URL alias box.

Step 7. Published: Select published to ensure the image appears on the live site.

Step 8. Save and select or Save and insert: 

  • Select save and select to save the image in the media library. A larger version of the image appears for you to review.
  • Select save and insert to save the image and automatically insert it on the page.
screenshot of Main Image instructions steps 6-8

Select a Main Image from the Media Library

Go to Main Image > Add Media.

  1. Search for the image you want to use as the main image.
    • Scroll down to view the images available in the media library.
    • Alternatively, go to the Name box, and enter the name or part of the name of the image you wish to upload. You can select other filters such as published/unpublished, document organization, and sort by. 
  2. Click Apply Filters to search the images.
  3. Scroll to the images, and check the small box beside the image you wish to select.
  4. Click Insert Selected to upload the image to your page.
Screenshot of numbered select image instructions