Summary Field


The Summary field displays a deliberate description of your blogs and press release pages rather than a default description.


All users of Digital Commons sites


This example focuses on press releases since a majority of users on the Digital Common platform use them.  In the screenshot below, the page that lists all the press release page (that is, the press release view) is displaying the first few lines of the press release (a media advisory) as the default information. 

A press release without a summary

The following steps show how to add a description that will allow users to get more insight about the press release on the list page, before they click the title link.

How To

1. Edit an existing press release by clicking the New Draft tab.

new draft tab

2. Scroll down to the Body field, and click the Edit Summary link.

Edit summary button

A new editor will appear with the header named Summary (Hide Summary).

3. Add a more descriptive sentence. 

Better summary

Once you have added the text, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Go back to the press release view and you will see the updated text.

improved summary