User Accounts: Adding a New User

Managing User Accounts


Web Managers can add new users to their Digital Commons website. 


Web Managers

How To

  • 1

    Create User Account

    To create a new user account, you must instruct the new user to first login to the website with their current NCID email and password.

    To login they:

    Enter NCID email and then password:

    Input your NCID email


    This initial login process creates a new account for the user.

  • 2

    Assign Role

    Once the user has created an account by logging in, the Web Manager can assign the user a Role.

    • Click People on the People menu.

    People menu.

    • On the People page, find the new user account in the Username column.

    Username column.

    • On the row for the new user account, select Roles from the Edit dropdown menu (Operations column).

    Edit menu, Roles selection.

    Role types include:

    • Alert Creator
    • Event Creator
    • Editor
    • Publisher
    • Site Page Creator

    On the Roles page, select the appropriate Role for the user (in this example, Publisher):

    Role type selection checkboxes.

    • Click Save.

    Save button.

    The new user is now ready to work within the Role assigned.

  • 3

    Add New Web Manager

    Web Managers can add Roles (listed above) to user accounts, but they cannot add other Web Managers.

    To add a new Web Manager:

    • To create a new Web Manager account if they are not already a current user, you must instruct the new user to first login to the website with their current NCID username and password as above.
    • Then on the DIT Service Portal, open the Catalog Item for Digital Commons Website Support.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    • Under Type of Request, choose Add a Web Manager from the dropdown menu.

    Request Type menu.

    Add a Web Manager selection.

    • Complete all other required fields.
    • Click Submit.

    Submit button.

    The Digital Commons team will process the request accordingly.

    Note: New Web Managers must be trained by the Digital Commons team prior to assuming their duties. Visit the Digital Commons Training Registration page to register for Web Manager training.