Linking to a Tab or Accordion


Create a link to a Tab or Accordion on a different page. 

How to link to a Tab or Accordion on the same page.


Editors, Publishers, Site Managers, and Site Admins.


1. Navigate to the page containing the tab or accordion.

2. Open the tab you want to link to, by clicking on it. In this example, "Emergency Response."

Opening the destination tab

3. Copy the relative link in the URL bar. (The # denotes the name of the open tab.)

Copy the relative link

4. Navigate to the page where you want to put the link. Edit the page and drag over the text. Click the Link tool in the toolbar.

Select the link text

5. Change the Link Type to "URL" and the Protocol to "Other." Paste the relative link in the URL field. In this case, make sure to include the preceding slash. Click OK.

Change the Protocol to Other

When clicked, the link will take the user to the designated page, with the Emergency Response tab already open.

Example of page with tab opened