Monitor your website with Monsido

Why Monsido?

Monsido is a leading SaaS solution for monitoring and perfecting websites by thoroughly analyzing your website's content and structure. Just like Google scans your public facing website content, Monsido's web crawler scans your website on a weekly basis, ensuring that you can catch issues and errors promptly. Monsido helps you understand how users interact with your website, to make better decisions about website content, page structure, accessibility,  and more. Monsido have been successfully implemented for all websites on the Digital Commons platform, and we are working to extend this service to other state websites as well.

Tab/Accordion Items

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you login to Monsido and click on your domain. This is the control center that shows you what is going on with your domain according to the latest scan. This page also brings all of the other modules (see below) into view in the primary navigation at the top of the page. 

Picture of the Monsido dashboard

The Quality Assurance module allows visitors to view and fix issues that are cropping up on their website such as: broken links, misspelled words, and readability issues. Clicking on the summary gives you a good overview of the issues with the option to dive deeper into each one. 

Similarly, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module highlights issues that are affecting your site's performance. Monsido then ranks the severity so that you can prioritize which pages need more attention.  Monsido also offers pre-recorded webinars on SEO so that you can better educate yourself or any web contributor on best practices.

Monsido QA dashboard

Monsido provides an easy-to-understand and use statistics tool. With the intuitive user interface, simplified data interpretation, customizable reporting options, and comprehensive tracking capabilities make in an invaluable tool for web managers. 

Monsido tool statistics

Set custom policies and rules so that all website content creators follow the same guidelines and are alerted immediately if your content is outdated or incorrect. To help assure your website compliance to brand, legal, style and regulatory standards. The module includes a large collection of pre-made policies, as well as the option to create custom policies.

Monsido policies dashboard

Web accessibility is the concept that websites and its content must be accessible to anyone, regardless of how they use the internet. The Monsido Accessibility module helps make your site compliant to WCAG 2.2 A, AA, and AAA guidelines. It gives you suggestions to make your website better for perception, understanding, navigation and interaction for visitors with a disability.