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Simplifying Website Analytics: Why Monsido's Statistics Tool Outshines GA4

Author: Phoebe Simon

When it comes to measuring website performance and understanding your website visitor's behavior, analytics tools play a crucial role. Among the options available, Monsido statistics tool is a user-friendly and comprehensive alternative to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Monsido's statistics tool boasts an intuitive user interface that simplifies the analysis of website data. While you can't do everything in Monsido that you can in GA4 the important fundamentals are there with no need for training. 

With clear navigation menus, well-organized dashboards and interactive visualizations, users can quickly grasp and interpret the data offered by Monsido without feeling overwhelmed. 

Intuitive User Interface:

The summary dashboard provides an overview of the data found in the statistics module, giving insights on such things as entry and exit pages, bounce rates, session times, and page visitor details. For more detailed statistics, click to expand any of the menu options in the left menu. Each of the main categories expands into several sub-categories, for a higher resolution of detail. Statistics provides a great number of useful analytics. 

Monsido tool statistics

Total visits - The total amount of visits. A page visit is counted when a user lands on your site from an external page, such as a search engine or a direct link. (If only one user visits the site 10 times, the total visits is 10.)

Total visitors -The total number of unique visitors. (If the same user visits the site 10 times, the number of visitors is one.)

Pageviews - A page view is counted when a page loads or reloads - whether the user was already on the page and hit 'refresh' or if they came from an external page. (If one user visits the site and browses to 10 pages on the site, the pageviews number is 10.)

Average visit time - The average amount of time a visitor spends on the page. This is calculated starting from the time the customer lands on the page to the time they land on the next page. The last visit on the page (where they bounce from) counts as 0 seconds. For example, if a user has a tab open for a couple of hours, that counts towards the visit time if the user clicks to a new page after that. If they leave the site after only visiting one page, then it counts as a bounce.

Bounce rate - Percentage of visitors that bounce. This indicates that the visitor entered the site and then left, rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.

Simplified Data Interpretation:

Understanding website analytics can be challenging. In GA4 one must build their own dashboards, but Monsido's statistics tool offers very simple, automatically generated views of your data. It provides comprehensive reports that are concise and easy to understand, allowing users to make informed decisions based on actionable insights. Additionally, Monsido offers helpful tooltips and explanations, ensuring that users understand the meaning behind the metrics. One clear example is the Visitors Summary page which offers a detailed summary of site visitors and the technology they use. 

Comprehensive Tracking Capabilities:

The Content section of the Monsido's statistics tool offers a wide range of tracking capabilities, covering essential website metrics such as your most visited and least visited site pages, the most downloads etc.  While Google Analytics 4 also provides in-depth tracking features, Monsido's tool focuses on presenting the data in a way that is easily digestible. This emphasis on clarity enables users to grasp the performance of their website effortlessly.

Customizable Reporting: 

Monsido's statistics tool offers extensive customization options for reporting, allowing users to tailor the data to their specific needs. Whether it's creating custom dashboards, choosing specific metrics to track, date ranges, or setting up automated reports, Monsido offers flexibility and control. This level of customization empowers web managers to focus on the metrics that matter most to their website goals, saving  time and effort. 

The Traffic Sources  page shows an overview of traffic sources over the past 30 days defining which search engines are driving folks to your site and any external referring domains.

Entry pages provide a detailed view of the first page visitors hit when coming to your site; also called landing page. Along with the list of exit pages and bounce rates based on the number of visitors over a 30-day period. 

Automatically Implemented:

While implementing website analytics tools can be a daunting task, your Monsido statistical tracking is already installed. There is no need to add any code to your site, the Digital Commons team has done it for you. (This is also how GA4 is tracking the traffic and actions on your website.) 


When it comes to website analytics, Monsido proves to be an easier-to-understand and use statistics tool than GA4. It's intuitive user interface, simplified data interpretation, customizable reporting options, already installed, and comprehensive tracking capabilities make in an invaluable tool for web managers. By choosing Monsido, web managers can save time, gain valuable insights , and optimize their websites's performance with confidence. 

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