How To Page

The How To content type is intended to be used for agency services pages to provide guidance on common processes. Before you start building How To page work to organize your information, identify steps needed to complete service transaction, gather contact information and related links. 

Go to Content > Add Content > How To

1. Title (required): Add the headline or title of the How To page (for example, How to Apply for Food Stamps). 

2. Subtitle: Subtitle field appears underneath the title and is optional. Use this field to give more specific information about the subject.

3. Summary: Add a short description of the page, up to 150 characters. This description is for SEO support, not visible for the site visitor.

4. Introduction: Short description/overview of the service, appears on the top of the page above the steps by step instructions. There is also Additional Information section at the bottom of the page. 

5. Steps: This is where you’ll begin piecing together How To service guide. Number of Steps depends on the process and your service needs.

  • Step Title: Displayed as bold text as title of How-to numbered step.
  • Step Description: How-to instructions describing what to do in this step, provide additional links, resources, or things that need to be collected or accomplished before moving on to the next step.
  • Step Link: Appears at the bottom of the Step.
  • Accordions: Useful option to help site visitors see find information faster and have control over the list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide content associated with them.
  • To Remove a Step that’s already been created, click Remove. 
  • To Reorder Steps, use the handlebars to the left of the Step to move up or down.

6. Contact Info (optional): Appears on the right hand side of the page after page is published.

  • Contact Agency
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Work Hours
  • Contact Address: If no address needed select None for Country. 
  • Contact Website
  • Contact Email

7. Related Content (optional): Appears on the right hand side of the page after page is published.

  • Related Links
  • Related Files

8. Additional Information (optional): Will be shown at the bottom of the page, under the steps after page is published.