Clickable Email

Default Client


Clickable email addresses to allow users to open their default email application.


Editors and Publishers can create clickable email addresses.

How To

  • 1

    Create Clickable Email

    • In a text editor, enter the desired email address.
    Clickable Email
    • The system creates a mail link automatically as the address is typed.
    Clickable Email auto completion.
    • The HTML mailto: parameter is added.

    Resulting Code:

    <a href=""></a>

  • 2

    Save and Test

    Click Save to save the page and test the result.

    Clickable Email Save button.
  • 3


    • To edit, highlight the email address.
    Clickable Email mailto: parameter.
    • Click the Edit Link button (pencil icon).
    Clickable Email Edit Link button.
    • Edit the Link URL as desired then click the green checkmark.
    Clickable Email Edit Link URL.
    • Expand the Advanced tab for additional options, including CSS Classes.
    Clickable Email Advanced Tab.
    • To remove the hyperlink, click the Unlink button (chain link icon).
    Clickable Email Unlink button.
  • 4

    Mail Link

    When the email link is clicked on a live web page:

    • A. The user's default email client opens.
    Clickable Email default client.


    • B. The the user is prompted to choose an email application.
    Clickable Email Select Application options.
    • When the email client is selected, the user can choose to open the mail link with this application Always or Just Once.
    Clickable Email Select Application options Always or Just Once.