Button Style

Highlighting Links on a Page


Buttons can be used to highlight links on a page. Best Practice is to have them on their own separate line.


All users of Digital Commons sites: Editors, Publishers, and Website Managers.

How To

  • 1

    Add Link

    Highlight (select) the text to be linked.

    • Click the Link icon in the Text Editor.

    Link Icon.

    • In the Add Link window, enter a URL (web address) for the Link.

    Add URL.

  • 2

    Add Button Style

    • Click the Advanced tab.

    Advanced tab.

    The button is styled using a Cascading Stylesheet (CSS) class.

    • In the CSS Classes field, enter: btn btn-primary.

    CSS Classes field.

    Button Example

    See Other Help Topics

    Save button.

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    Save the Page

    • Click Save, at the bottom of the Edit page, to save the page and view results.

    Save Page button