Moderation Dashboard

Managing Moderated Content


The Moderation Dashboard module allows Web Managers to view and manage moderated content submitted by users. 


Web Managers

How To

  • 1

    View Moderation Dashboard

    To access the Moderation Dashboard:

    • Web Managers must navigate to their personal profile.

    Profile tab.

    • Click Moderation Dashboard.

    Moderation Dashboard tab.

    • Note: This can also be done on the profile page.

    Moderation Dashboard tab on Profile page.

  • 2

    Moderation Blocks

    The Moderation Dashboard page features five (5)  blocks for conveniently viewing and moderating content.

    • If a block has multiple pages, use the arrow function at the bottom of the block to scroll and view each page.

    Arrow function.

    Arrow function.

    Arrow function.

    Content Drafts

    • The Content Drafts block shows items submitted by users that are currently in a draft state (not published).

    Content Drafts block.

    Moderation State.

    Content in Review

    • The Content in Review block shows items that are under review, prior to publication.

    Content in Review block.

    Recent Updates

    • The Recent Updates block shows items recently edited by users.

    Recent Updates block.

    Recently Created

    • The Recently Created block shows items recently created by users, including published and unpublished pages.

    Recently Created block.

    Your Drafts

    • The Your Drafts block shows items submitted by you (as Web Manager) that are currently in a draft state (not published).

    Your Drafts block.

    Content You Created

    • The Content You Created block shows items published by you (as Web Manager).

    Content You Created block.

  • 3


    The Moderation Dashboard has a series of tabs at the top of the page:


    • The View tab provides a link to the Web Manager's profile page.

    View tab.


    The Scheduled Content page shows items set to be Published or Unpublished on a given date.

    Scheduled tab.

    Use the Search function to find items by:

    • Title

    Title field.

    • Content Type

    Content Type menu.

    • Published Status

    Published Status menu.

    Scheduled Content can be viewed and sorted by:

    • Title
    • Content Type
    • Author
    • Status
    • Publish On
    • Unpublish On
    • Operations


    The Roles page shows role options that can be changed. 

    Roles tab.

    • Note: Web Managers already have these roles.


    The Shortcuts tab is currently not in use. "You are currently using the Default shortcut set."

    Shortcuts tab.


    The Edit tab provides a link to the Web Manager's profile page, which can be edited (to add a profile picture, for example).

    Edit tab.

    • Note: Leave Status and Role options as is.


    The Submissions page shows any form submissions by you (as Web Manager).

    Submissions tab.

    Submission list.

    Logon Help

    The Logon Help tab provides a link to the N.C. Department of Information Technology's NCID page, which provides links to help topics and documentation.

    Logon Help tab.

    NCID Quick Links include:

    • Unlock or Reset NCID Password
    • Log in to NCID
    • User Help
    • Administrator Contacts

    NCID Help and Documentation tabs include:

    • User Guides & FAQs
    • Administrator Help & Resources
    • Agency Forms & Models