Platform Roles and Permissions

The User Roles on the Digital Commons platform are listed in order of hierarchy, from the lowest level of permissions to the highest. Users should have only one role assigned to them; each role includes the permission of the roles below it in the hierarchy.

Alert Creator

Can create and publish alerts.

Event Creator 

Can create new items for the event calendar.


Create Press Releases, Events, and Blog Posts. Editors may publish Events.

Can edit and save as draft or needs review: Site Pages, Webforms (which must be placed in a menu, and thus requires a Web Manager to create and/or a Publisher to publish)

May only delete their own content.


Can perform all the Editor functions. 

Publish existing content. 

Cannot put items in the menu. 

May delete only their own content.

Web Manager

Can perform all the previous role functions.

Creates ALL new content that needs to be placed in a menu: Site Pages, Landing Pages, Data Tables and Webforms.

Manage menus

Administer users on the platform (assign them their roles)