Blog Entry

Standard Blogging Functionality


The Blog Entry feature provides standard blogging functionality to your site, where users with adequate permissions can create blogs and blog posts.


Website Managers. Publishers can edit existing Blog Entries.

How To

  • 1

    Create Blog Entry

     To add a Blog Entry, navigate to: Content > Add Content > Blog Entry.

    Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

    • Title (*) — Enter the title of the Blog Entry.
    • Subtitle — Give it a Subtitle, if desired.
    • Release Date — Defaults to the date the Blog Entry is saved. Use the Calendar tool to set a different Release Date.

    Blog Entry Title, Subtitle, and Release Date.

    • Author — Enter the author's name.

    Blog Entry Author's Name.

  • 2

    Main Image

    • Main Image — Click Add Media to add a Main Image, if desired.

    Blog Entry Main Image.

    Minimum Recommended Image Sizes for Blogs:

    Content Width x Height
    Page View 1480 x 833
    Grid View 825 x 600

    The minimum recommended resolution is double the desktop view size for clearer, better-looking images on high resolution screens. 

  • 3

    Page Content

    • Page Content — This is the Page Content for the Blog Entry.

    Blog Entry Page Content.

    • Blog Terms — Click to choose Blog Terms. Example: Best Practices.

    Blog Entry Terms

    • Blog Category — Click to choose Blog Category. Example: Content.

    Blog Entry Category.

    • Save the Blog Entry.