Article Card

Content Teaser with Link to More Information


The Article Card acts as a general teaser for content, giving site visitors a clickable entry point that leads to more information. Article Cards can be added to a Band on a Landing Page.


Web Managers and Publishers can add Article Cards.

Example Article Card

Article Card example.

How To

  • 1

    Open a Band

     On a Landing Page, add or edit a Band. (In this example, a 3-Column Band).

    • Add a Band:

    Add Band button.

    Add Band menu.

    • Choose a Column (in this example, Left).

    Left Column dropdown.

    • Edit an existing Band:

    Edit Band button.

  • 2


    Add Titles, if desired.

    • Full Width Top Title — In this example, Band Title.

    Full Width Top Title field.

    • This places a Top Title across the full width of the Band.

    Band Title

    • Left Top Title — In this example, Card Title. (Left Top Title indicates the Title is being placed in the Left Colum of a 3-Column Band).

    Left Top Title field.

    • This places a Title above the Article Card.
  • 3

    Add Article Card

    • Under Child Paragraph, choose Add Article Card from the Add dropdown menu.

    Add Article Card menu.

    • In this example, Left Child Paragraph indicates the Card is being placed in the Left Column of a 3-Column-Band.
  • 4


    • Description — Enter a description for display on the Article Card.

    Description field.

  • 5

    Description Background Color

    • Description Background Color — Select a background color for the description from the dropdown menu (Durham Theme in this example).

    Description Background Color menu.

    • Options include:
    • No Color:

    No Color option.

    • Accent:

    Accent Color option.

    • Dark:

    Dark Color option.

    • Light: