Highlighting Information


A Callout is a box that visually stands out from other text on your website. It may highlight a quote, image, or other information.


Editors, Publishers, and Web Managers.

Callout Example

Callout example.

Mobile Phone View for Callout.

How To

  • 1

    Add Callout

    • Edit a Site Page.
    • From the Add dropdown menu, click Add Callout.

    Add Callout.

  • 2

    Callout Fields

    Populate the Callout fields.

    • Callout Title — Appears at the top of the Callout box. (In this example, Gershwin Piano Concerto).

    Callout Title.

    • Callout Text — Enter the main text for the Callout.

    Enter the main text.

  • 3


    • Links in the Callout can be Textual or Button Links.


    Purchase Tickets

    Purchase Tickets

  • 4


    • Click Add Media to place an image to the left of the Callout text.

    Add Media button.

    • Click Save, at the bottom of the Edit page, to save the page and view results.

    Save button.