Statistic Card

Plain or Animated


Statistic Cards provide a count figure and can be plain or animated.

Example Statistic Card

Statistic Card


Website Managers can create Statistic Cards. Publishers can edit existing cards.

How To

  • 1

    Edit Landing Page

    •  Open and edit a Landing Page.
    • Under Bands, edit the appropriate Band (in this example, a 3-column Band).

    Band selection.

    • Choose the column where the Statistic Card will be placed (in this example, Right).

    Column selection.

    • Under Child Paragraph, choose Add Statistic Card.

    Add Statistic Card.

  • 2

    Populate Card Fields

     Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    1. Top Title — Adds a title above the Statistic Card.
    2. Statistic Value (*) — Enter a value. The figure must be an integer or decimal value if Animation Counter is selected.
    3. Statistic Prefix — For example, $ (dollar sign).
    4. Statistic Suffix — For example, K (as in 100K to denote 100 thousand).
    5. Title (*) — The Title appears below the figure. (In this example, "Amount Raised").
    6. Description — The Description appears below the Title. (In this example, "In Fiscal Year 2021-2022").

    Top Title field.

    Statistic Card fields.

  • 3

    Plain Statistic Card

    To have a plain Statistic Card with no animation:

    • Under Animation, choose None (the default position).

    No animation.

  • 4

    Animated Statistic Card

    To animate the Statistic Card:

    •  Under Animation, choose Counter.
    • Counter Duration — Enter the number of seconds for the animation figure.

    Animation Counter and Duration.


  • 5

    Additional Text

    •  Text — Text entered here appears below the text entered in the Description field.

    Text field.

  • 6


    Colors used in the Statistic Card depend on the website's default color palette.