Digital Commons Sprint Bug/Feature Updates

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Date Sprint # Description
14-Sep Sprint DC-28 Text Editor - CKEditor 5 text formatting.
14-Sep Sprint DC-28 Press Release - Removed time stamp on all press releases.
14-Sep Sprint DC-28 Media Library - Bug fix for wrong image selection.
31-Aug Sprint DC-27 Platform - upgraded to Drupal 10.
31-Aug Sprint DC-27 How To - Added Meta tags to How To content type.
31-Aug Sprint DC-27 Updated list of mobile emulators availabe for page preview.
8/3/23 Sprint DC-26 Site Page - Article Card added to list of available paragraphs.
8/3/23 Sprint DC-26 Media library - tabulation added for visual page numbering.
8/3/23 Sprint DC-26 Webforms - Updated list of Departments for select option.
8/3/23 Sprint DC-26 Site Launches - ABC Commission, Board of Barber&Electrolysis Examiners
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 How-To - Bug Fix; Template no longer cuts off on mobile devices
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 Carousel - Overflow visual corrected
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 Permission - Bug Fix; Publishers able to add media to Blog Entries
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 Mobile Article Cards- Padding added so that tiles don't run together
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 SPARK - Text Editor Table - Default number of rows changed to ten, down from fifty
7/13/23 Sprint DC-25 Images - Images placed into text editor may now host links
6/19/23 Sprint DC-24 Media - Bulk Upload permissions adjusted. Web Managers now able.
5/25/23 Sprint DC-23 Permission - Bug Fix; Publishers able to access Media Library
5/25/23 Sprint DC-23 Events View - Bug Fix: View was restored on Mobile .
5/25/23 Sprint DC-23 Site Launches - HPO (Historical Preservation Office),
5/25/23 Sprint DC-23 Scheduler - Bug Fix; tabs added back, functionality restored
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Article Card - Article card in Full Width Band (on Landing Page) now has the same width constraints as other paragraphs.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 NC Map - Bug fix for County name. County now appears on separate line from contact information.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Text Editor - Bullet styles were fixed to appear the same in Admin area and public-facing pages.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Text Editor - Bug fix. Text Editor now shows on all small screens.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Catalog - 'Apply' button was moved to proper positioning so it doesn't cover final selection before application.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Text Editor - Bug fix. Center Image caption on Extra Large images should now appear when centered and aligned.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Site Launches - Green Book of the Carolinas, America 250 
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Text Editor (COVID site) - Bug fix. Creators may again have option to change image size.
5/5/23 Sprint DC-22 Webform - Bug fix. Red asterisk is restored to fields were input is required.
4/14/23 Sprint DC-21 Image - All image styles were changed to standard ratios
4/14/23 Sprint DC-21 Article Card - Ability to add keywords to Article Cards was removed. (Existing keywords will remain)
4/14/23 Sprint DC-21 Site Page- Main image is now visible when in Draft state, for all roles.
4/14/23 Sprint DC-21 Profile Content Type - Text was prevented from running off page when viewed on mobile screens.
4/14/23 Sprint DC-21 Text Editor (Paste Text) - Users should right click to either 'Paste as Plain Text' or 'Paste and Match Style'
3/23/23 Sprint DC-20 Blog - Description field was removed from Blog and Press Release content type to prevent it's showing in the 'Related Content' field.
3/23/23 Sprint DC-20 Alert - On mobile, pause/play bug was fixed. Autoplay alerts should pause while touching the screen over the alert.
3/23/23 Sprint DC-20 Event - Option to 'Frame the Card' removed.
3/23/23 Sprint DC-20 Event - Event terms and Event type fields were updated to allow multiple selections
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Focus this sprint was continuing to refine the Platform theme for an improved user experience. The Base theme was completely uninstalled.  
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Related Information has been made it's own section in the admin area to make it easy to include those options, or to skip them.
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Catalog - Address is now clickable item. 
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Event Content Type - Option to provide link to location/building added.
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Press Release - Admin area has been streamlined for consistency of inputting content. 'Related' fields have been consolidated and refined. Related Content, Related Topics and Associated Files have been updated. 
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Blog Content Type - Related Topics is now the only option for relating. Admin area is also updated and laid out in order of how public will view page.
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Landing Pages - Tabs/Accordions paragraph now include Band Settings to manage padding. 
3/2/23 Sprint DC-19 Tabs/Accordions - Linking within tabs bug has been fixed to remove extra white space.
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Focus this sprint was updating the Admin area for an improved user experience. We are seeking consistency across the content types.
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Catalog- clickable address
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Press Release - Related To behavior has been addressed
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Accordions - Addressed a bug that was not pointing proper selection when opened.
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Site Page - Streamlined to ensure quicker building time. Summary field (box) has made smaller to give a cleaner view of this page.
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 General - Help text descriptions on fields are streamlined and clear. There are more links to the Help Guide on the Digital Commons site for use when working on a particular field.
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 General - Related Information has been grouped into a separate area within the admin area. 
2/10/23 Sprint DC-18 Article Card- Admin side has been reordered to a more intuitive path. Advanced features have been grouped together in a collapsed accordion to only give user what they need when they need.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Extra long sprint to accommodate holidays...
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 General: In lieu of help text in the Admin area we will begin to link to pages on the Help Guide for detailed information.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Background Image - Text over background image was addressed. You may now select a dark background for easier reading.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Site Launch - Department of Adult Corrections.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Blog - Date and title were aligned.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Blog - Taxonomy terms that show on blogs now shows a Related to Blogs page
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Accordions - Reviewed and updated how tables are presented within tabs.
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 Help Text - Has been updated in several cards. 
1/19/23 Sprint DC-17 State parks - Updated scrolling for individual parks on Home page
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Homepage - Statement updated to read 'An official website' vs Official .
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Site Launch - American Indian Heritage Commission.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Image - Captions have been made to align with image.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Carousel and Alert - Play/Pause button added.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Padding - Padding has been added around cards and blocks.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Hyperlinks - Now includes underlining as well as highlight for better accessibility.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Video Card- Date will be shown and you won't get Heading error.
12/16/22 Sprint DC-16 Calendar - Padding and styling added to the Calendar view.
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Sites switched to new (Portal) theme - 
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 JobReady, Retirement, Hometown Strong, Roanoke Island Festival park, AAHC, QAR, HIEA, DMVA, Archives, Lt Governor, Ethics, Broadband
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Network Menu - Footer has been styled with standard menu items. Agency website feedback link has been 'moved' here. Combined Translation Disclaimer and Terms of Use.
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Mobile Alignment - Ensure white space equal on left and right on mobile screens.
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Front/Home page Main Image - Height was shrunk a bit to not take up so much real estate on page. (Main image W/search box remained same height)
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Embedded Table - Size constraints now available. Narrow or full size are among them.
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Icon Selection - CTA card Icon Picker has been replaced with 'Insert Media' option from Media Library. 
11/14/22 Sprint DC-15 Article Card - On mobile, specifically, adjustments have been made to display lines of text.
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 Sites Launched -,,,
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 Accordion - Title will remain at top when tab is clicked.
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 External links - Icon removed for off-site links.
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 Data table - Text editor field has been fixed so that information is centered.
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 Events - Multi-day events will now show with ellipsis in view as well as on date block.
9/16/22 Sprint DC-12 Portal theme colors added to Digital Commons site.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Search - Search icon removed from home page and should no longer appear in home menu. (Search from is already on every page.)
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 CTA Card - Description field of CTA cards with and w/o icon, with and without description will now remain vertically aligned.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Events - Bug fixed. When event spans multiple dates, using either the Grid view page or block, days will not wrap lines in the callout.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Article Card - Bug fixed. Title centers in box when placed over colored background. 
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 How-To - Related links now appear as bulleted list vs run-on sentence.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Landing Page bands - Band header is now center aligned.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Article Card - Better accessibility by including alt tag within the default block and view page.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Embedded Frames w/in Accordions - Users may checkbox 'Remove Text Width Limit' under the text editor expand embed to full width of accordion. NOTE: To get IFRAMES to expand the width has to be set in the tag ex. .
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Article Card - Better accessibility by including alt tag within the default block and view page.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Blog and Press Release Views - A reset button has been added to allow users to clear previously selected filters.
8/26/22 Sprint DC-11 Landing Page Images - Inline images with captions are now the same width.
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Article Levels - Heading levels have been updated
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Events - Spacing corrected for when no image selected
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Color Selector - Band settings for Color scheme have been removed.
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Views - Space added between Apply/Reset button 
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Profile Content Type- Email and Phone number fields returned.
8/4/22 Sprint DC-10 Accordion- Odd lines removed from results.
6/24/22 Sprint DC-8 Press Release - Main Image and Contact fields now shown on Portal theme.
6/24/22 Sprint DC-8 Data Table - Last Updated time stamp now visible.
6/24/22 Sprint DC-8 Article Card - Image now fills the width of the card.
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 NC Map - Now available on Portal Theme
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Catalog - Reimagined and better for mobile on Portal Theme
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 New Color Theme - Asheville color scheme on Portal theme (Orange, greens)
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Digital Commons Support Site - Moved to Portal Theme (Asheville Theme)
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Juvenile Justice Directory- (JSON) Catalog updated
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Profile Card - Portrait style added, along with Square, Event and None. Added to base and Portal themes.
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Callout - Button styling was updated to show links in a contrast color.
6/3/22 Sprint DC-7 Tabs/Accordions - Accordions show a different URL to make linking easier. Styling bug also addressed.
4/22/22 Sprint DC-5 Portal Theme - The portal theme is now the official theme for all new websites on Digital Commons.
4/22/22 Sprint DC-5 Portal Theme Carousel - Images were made better.
4/22/22 Sprint DC-5 Bread crumbs- no longer covered on mobile.
4/22/22 Sprint DC-5 Facebook/Twitter share- Press Release or Blog post, with main image and title field populated (of course with URL) and it will share on either of those social media platforms.
4/22/22 Sprint DC-5 Hover/Content- Functionality restored to hover over Content menu and get flyout menu for selections.
4/1/22 Sprint DC-4 Icons - Icons added to Media Library and are officially 'media entities'. They may be uploaded much like one would upload an image or a file.
4/1/22 Sprint DC-4 Callout Paragraph - Link appearance was corrected. 
4/1/22 Sprint DC-4 Alerts - Improvements were made to view them on mobile.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Admin Section- Email has been added to Content section headers
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Alerts- Sitewide- will show on every page. Specific Page- On a specific page. Section- Associated with each page within a section.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Alerts -Dismiss button and 'bell' icon have been removed.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Blog- Related Articles field has been removed from default.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Blog- A default blog view was added for cloning when needed for custom views.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Data Table- Data Table content will now wrap when on mobile.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 How-To - Contact info will now sit below Right Rail in an aligned way.
3/10/22 Sprint DC-3 Platform- Publisher role may not longer administer menus.
2/18/22 Sprint DC-2 Portal Theme - A number of tickets were completed for the citizen portal theme. Those are not reflected here.
2/18/22 Sprint DC-2 Platform- Create initial icon library set. A feature was introduced to allow users to upload their own icons to CTA cards.
2/18/22 Sprint DC-2 Platform- Drupal Core 9.3.6
1/28/22 Sprint DC-1 Callout Paragraph- The callout paragraph now allows an image to be inserted.
1/28/22 Sprint DC-1 A number of tickets were completed for the citizen portal theme. Those are not reflected here.
1/28/22 Sprint DC-1 Platform- Disallow Concurrent Editing- A feature was implemented that hopes to prevent two people from editing the same content at the same time.
1/28/22 Sprint DC-1 Platform- Drupal Core Update to 9.3.2
1/10/22 Sprint DC-98 A number of tickets were completed for the citizen portal theme. Those are not reflected here.
1/10/22 Sprint DC-98 Data Tables- Keep same row order in Data Table upload 
12/2/21 Sprint DC-97 Below is a selected list of new or improved features and bug fixes that have been deployed onto the Digital Commons Platform for the sprint ending the date listed above. 
12/2/21 Sprint DC-97 Text Editor Tables- Tables were being stretched to 100% height in band. Bug was fixed by removing responsive table filter.
12/2/21 Sprint DC-97 Catalog Content - Email and phone number fields are now clickable.

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