Submit a Service Now Ticket

One that will get you the fastest service!

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    Click on ServiceNow link

    (Must be a Web Manager)


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    Type 'Digital Commons Website' into search

    Typing the word 'Website' works as well! First option will be 'Digital Commons Website'.

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    Select needed assistance

    Tab/Accordion Item

    Something has happened with existing functionality. 

    Ensure that the employee has logged into YOUR website. We can then apply the role to the user.

    •  One answer: Is it a Webform or a Web View? 

    In the details area, please be sure to tell us exactly what problem you would like to solve, or HOW you would like the analytics data to help.

    We utilize Google Analytics.

    Website optimization is the process of using tools, advanced strategies, and experiments to improve the performance of your website and further drive more traffic.

    ex. Our visitors are not clicking on the links to information that is provided and we are getting more phone-calls than we can handle.

    Please tell us what you need help with and an estimate of how much time you think you'll need.

    ex. "Need help figuring out a Data Table. Requesting 30 minutes."

    Pretty self-explanatory. Something that is not on this list.  Please be explicit about what you need.

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    Required Info?

    Tab/Accordion Item

    What is happening? One sentence.
    ex. 'Icons aren't showing up on CTA cards'


    ex. 'Data table displays truncated information'

    Include the copied URL from the affected page.

    If your request doesn't include a specific page, please include the HOME page link of your site.

    Tell us exactly what you want, or what should be happening. 

    ex. "I would like the default Events view to display 25 results"

    • Full details. Give AS MUCH information as you can. Include attachments, if needed. Go crazy!

    “Our Default Events View used to show 25 items, today it is only showing 10. It seems to have started after I saved the page.”

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    New Functionality?

    If your thought begins with something like 'It would be great if..., or this should...' Please head over to Teams and submit a SPARK ticket. 

    (Service Now is for existing functionality)


    SPARK Channel