The Site Page is the most commonly-used content type on the Digital Commons platform. It's versatile and well-designed to comprehensively present information and include easy navigation to other pages.

A Site Page can optionally include a Main Image at the top of the page. The Main Image will be resized to fit automatically when you upload it. It's also responsive; it will adapt to mobile and desktop screen widths.

The Text Paragraph (this text field) allows formatting such as bold and italic, bullets and numbered lists, and heading styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.). 

You can also include some other types of paragraphs on Site Pages (formerly called "blocks" or "cards"). Scroll down to see examples.

Site Pages also include optional fields for attaching files (see "Associated Files" at the bottom of this page) and a link for related content, whether on the same or a different website (see "Related Content" at the bottom of this page). One of the most useful features of a Site Page is the Accordion (see "Example Accordion" below). This collapsing field allows you to organize a lot of information on a single page without excessive scrolling. It's frequently used for FAQs. You may use more than one Tabs/Accordion on a Site Page.

Example Accordion

Tab/Accordion Items

Yes, they are. Typically a Site Admin creates the page for the first time, and places it correctly in the menu structure, while leaving it in Draft status. This establishes its place in the site structure and automatically creates the breadcrumbs at the top of the page when it's published.

Then an Editor or Publisher edits the draft site page, and sets its status to Needs Review. It is then reviewed and published by the appropriately-authorized person.

You can learn more about moderation in this video.

Yes, blocks can be added to site pages. 

Yes, you can add one above the text or to the right. The best practice is to only choose one of those options.

Clickable Phone Number (For example of Video Card)

This page was last modified on 06/24/2022