Agency D8 Migration Schedule

Author: Marla Laubisch, Digital Solutions

The Digital Solutions team works in an Agile methodology. For the D8 project, we first developed the features that are needed by all the agencies. Next, we began developing features that are used by many agencies. As each new capability is developed, the sites using them can be migrated to the new platform.

There are other considerations besides these capabilities that affect a site's placement in the schedule, such as size and complexity. The new platform will be consistent across all the websites, so customizations won't be possible. These customizations have to be "normalized" before that website can transition, so some sites require more work than others.

You can see your site's probable place in the schedule hereThis information will likely change as we develop platform capabilities or encounter previously-unknown considerations, so please check back often to see where your agency is placed in the list. Digital Solutions will also contact you directly to confirm the schedule and plan the migration; you won't be taken by surprise.

All agencies should be working on their site cleanup now. 

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