Example Webform

Webforms capture information from your site visitors. They can be used for many purposes, including user feedback, surveys and polls, signups, requests for information, etc. The responses are stored on the website, available to authorized users. They can be downloaded in a variety of formats, including Excel. 

You can configure the form to automatically send the responses to email address(es) in your agency, and to the person who submitted the form. 

The fields can provide help text, such as "Enter your name here," or be pre-filled with an example value.

The webform can include conditional logic, such that when a user selects a particular answer/response, a new field or set of fields is displayed (see the question about LDAP in the form below). It can have multiple pages, with a "next" button. This is suitable for very long forms.

How to Create Webforms

example webform
Webform Example