Looker Studio Done Easy!

Google has another free tool that is available for anyone with access to Google Analytics account - Looker Studio. 

Google Looker Studio is a visualization tool that is powered by your website Google Analytics data. With very minimal effort Looker Studio could help you:

  • Analyze and visualize your website Google Analytics data reports,
  • Customize and present analytics data important for your agency needs,
  • Share with anyone in the agency or embed on Sharepoint.

Example of the Google Looker Report for the Digital Commons Support site.

How to Create a Looker Dashboard

Tab/Accordion Items

1. Log into your Google Analytics account and select Customization > Dashboards under Reports.

Google Analytics dashboard for Data Studio

2. Select any of the reports to open in Data Studio, wait to see report populated with your website Google Analytics data:

  • Audience Overview
  • Acquisitions Overview
  • Behaviors Overview

Looker Studio window has selected dashboard populated with your website data, let's save it and start editing:

  • click on the blue Edit and share button on the top right of the screen,
  • click on the Add to Report pop-up window.
    Data Studio Start screen

Give your dashboard clear and meaningful name and title:

  • on the very top left of the screen beside the Data Studio logo with the three blue lines, instead of the Copy of [New] Google Analytics Audience Overview
  • on the top of the report update report title, if needed.
    Data Studio screen

Every chart/tile on the dashboard could be changed and styled based on your needs and taste.

When chart is selected blue border appears around it, at the same time two menus appear on the right hand side: Data and Style. 

All changes made on the dashboard are saved in real time, but there is always an Undo button.

To learn more about editing Data Studio dashboards open a Service Now Website Analytics support ticket with Digital Commons team.

Data Studio charts screen

 Dashboard could be easily shared with your team or general public.

Share Data Studio report dropdown
  • Click on the Share button on the top of the screen (make sure to click on the button itself, not on the little arrow that shows available choices)
  • Select Manage Access tab and in the drop down choose "Anyone with the link can view" option.
  • Copy link URL to send to anyone to access this dashboard.
    Data Studio Share - Manage Access screen

Or select Embed Report to copy embed code:

Data Studio Embed Code screen