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Our user community requested the ability to add links to images in CKEditor 5, and we listened!

Have you noticed the "Promotion options" tab in the right rail while creating or editing content? Have you wondered what it does? Read on for answers!

This series will provide essential insights, dos and don'ts, and practical tips to ensure digital content is user-friendly for diverse audiences.

Summary field. This page displays the Blog available on the Digital Commons platform. It serves as a baseline for visual regression testing when code is deployed to the platform. Note that not every combination shown is desirable or a best practice.

Front-line digital responders - pay attention to detail

This blog was updated in February 2022

An example of how our team utilizes an Agile/Scrum process: 

The Problem

A web manager notices that on video cards, it shows a square shape instead of a triangular one. That manager submits a ServiceNow ticket.


Our recent survey of the community of Digital Commons users let us know that there is confusion about some of the features already on the Digital Commons platform.