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Our user community requested the ability to add links to images in CKEditor 5, and we listened!

Link text should be descriptive and useful for people using screen readers and speech recognition software

This series will provide essential insights, dos and don'ts, and practical tips to ensure digital content is user-friendly for diverse audiences.

Although a website review can seem like a daunting task there a small steps you can take to ensure your content remains relevant to your visitors.

Front-line digital responders - pay attention to detail

The most important person to ensure the success of an agency website may never log into the website. We call that person the Strategic Website Owner, but Website Champion may be a clearer title.

North Carolina maintains an archive of government websites and social media pages

When we hear about accessibility, many of us who work with websites assume that means making content accessible for people who are blind or have other vision impairments. But it’s more than that.

This blog was updated in February 2022

An example of how our team utilizes an Agile/Scrum process: 

The Problem

A web manager notices that on video cards, it shows a square shape instead of a triangular one. That manager submits a ServiceNow ticket.

This blog is from a presentation at the We Are Digital Commons event on October 29, 2019. 

Managing how new content is incorporated into the website is the single most important task of the website manager.