North Carolina mountainside

This is an example of the Event content type. It's used for events at a physical location or for virtual meetings such as webinars. All the events on the website appear together in a calendar view, as a list or a grid.

Main area

The Event can include a main image. Underneath the main image is the Event Description field where details are entered.

Related Content provides a link to additional information on another webpage or website. Associated Files could be an agenda or slide presentation.

Event terms allow site visitors to filter events by their associated tags, such as all the events marked "training" or "public hearing."

Right rail

Note that Events don't usually have a right rail menu as shown here. Other information is displayed on the right:

If the Event has a physical location entered in the address fields, it links to Google Maps for directions. Other fields are Online Access, for webinars and other online events; Cost; Organizer; External URL for further relevant information; and Contact. These optional fields won't be displayed if no information is entered in them.

By default, Events display on the website when they are published, and automatically become invisible after the event has occurred. However, custom views can be created to show events in the past.