Getting Support for your Digital Commons Site

To request assistance with your Digital Commons website or request new Digital Commons website please submit a ServiceNow ticket directly to the Digital Solutions team. 

You must be an Agency web manager to submit ServiceNow tickets for an existing site. View a list of agency web managers

Only if your website is down please bypass ServiceNow and email directly.  Do not submit "incident" tickets as those are really for other departments.

Using Service Now for Digital Commons

Tab/Accordion Items

Web Managers will simply follow the ServiceNow link. Upon reaching the 'Search' screen, you will type 'website' or 'digital commons'. 

Screen shot of Search screen in ServiceNow


Screenshot of Selection in Service Now

Select 'Digital Commons Website Support'; you will then be able to request assistance with:

  • Broken item/Bug
  • Add a Web Manager
  • Webform/Views Help
  • Website Analytics
  • Seeking new website
  • Monsido

You will then fill in ALL requested information.

Upon submission, a ticket will be created and you and our team will be notified.

A Digital Solutions team member will be notified and your request will be addressed in priority order.


Response times will vary depending on complexity. However, you will receive status within 24hrs as well as a target resolution time. Bugs/Fixes requiring a Jira ticket may require the length of a sprint cycle for completion. (2-3 weeks)

Please bypass ServiceNow and email directly. 

The Digital Commons Content Ninjas site on Teams is available as a community support channel for questions and guidance from 90+ Web Managers and users.