Viewing Webform Submissions


Site Admins and Site Managers can view all the submissions from a webform, and save it as a CSV file. Editors and Publishers can view the submissions from forms they themselves created. 


Editors, Publishers, Site Managers, and Site Admins.


1. On the webform of interest, click the Results tab.

Click the Results tab

2. The Results page shows a summary of the webform results.

Summary of webform results

1.  The # column assigns a sequential number to webforms as they are submitted. If a result is later deleted, there will be a gap in the sequence. (in this example, 2 through 5 were deleted)

2.  The Submitted column shows the date and time the webform was submitted.

3.  User displays the name of the form submitter if they are logged into the website. If they are not logged in, it displays them as Anonymous. Most submitters will be Anonymous.

4.  IP Address shows the IP address of the person who submitted the form.

5.  Operations allow you to view, edit, or delete a specific result.

Note about deleting results

Typically, you should only delete results that are from practice forms, or were generated when you tested a new form. Keeping the results on the website allows all your authorized users to access them, and there are tools available to sort and analyze them. Additionally, deleting records has record retention implications—it's best to retain them on the website.

3. Click the view link in the Operations column to view the specific entry. You can use the Previous/Next submission links to move through the results without returning to the Results page.

View link


4. Click the Download tab to download results for the webform. There are a number of options you can specify, such as which fields to download, the format, or range. Select the options and click the Download button to save the results to your computer.

Download the results