Displaying Important Messages


An Alert block with severity level can appear on every published page, or on specific pages or sections, displaying a brief message near the top of the screen. Alerts can provide feedback about an operation or highlight time-sensitive information.


Web Managers

Example Alert

Alert example.

How To

  • 1

    Create Alert

    Navigate to:

    • Content > Add Content > Alert

    Content menu.

    Add Content button.

    Alert menu link.

    Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Title (*) — Enter a Title for the Alert page. For optimal length, keep the Title less than 60 characters, including spaces.

    Title field.

  • 2

    Alert Level

    Alert Level (*) — Choose a severity level for the Alert:

    Alert Level menu.

    • Info — Info Alerts are blue.

    Info Alert.

    • Success — Success Alerts are green.

    Success Alert.

    • Warning — Warning Alerts are orange.

    Warning Alert.

    • Breaking — Breaking Alerts are red.

    Breaking Alert.

  • 3

    Alert Title

    Alert Title (*) — Enter a Title that will appear on the Alert (limited to 95 characters).

    Alert Title field.

    • Example: (Info Alert):

    Alert Title example.

  • 4

    Alert Summary

    Alert Summary (*) — Enter a descriptive summary of the Alert. The summary appears to the right of the Alert Title (limited to 180 characters).

    Alert Summary field.

    • Example: (This is the Alert Summary):

    Alert Summary example.

  • 5

    Alert Link

    URL  — To include a link with the Alert, enter a URL (web address). Example: The Alert Link appears to the right of the Alert Summary.

    URL field.

    Link Text — Enter the text to be linked. Example: DIT Website. Note: If the Link Text field is populated, the URL field becomes required.

    Link Text field.

    • Example: (Alert Link):

    Alert Link example.

  • 6

    Show on Specific Pages or Sections

    The Alert appears on all pages by default.

    To limit the Alert's appearance to a single page or section, enter a URL alias as described below.

    Specific Pages field

    Single Page

    To display the Alert on a single page:

    • Enter: /pagename  (Example: /about).


    To display the Alert on a set of pages under one section:

    • Enter: /sectionname/* (Example: /about/*).

    Multiple Specific Pages

    To display the Alert on multiple specific pages or sections:

    • Click Add Another Item.

    Add Another Item button.

  • 7

    Alert Weight

    Alert Weight — If multiple Alerts are posted, enter a weight number for the Alert. The weight number determines the order in which multiple Alerts are displayed.

    Alert Weight field.

    • If multiple Alerts are posted, click the right and left arrows—at the right end of the Alert block—to scroll through the Alerts.

    Right and Left Arrows.

  • 8


    Leave the Published option checked. The Alert will only display on published pages.

    Published checkbox.

    Click Save, at the bottom of the Edit page, to save the page and view results.

    Save button.

  • 9

    Alert Page

    Alert Fields and Values Displayed

    While the Alert block appears near the top of published pages, a page for the Alert itself is also created, listing the Alert fields and values:

    Alert Page, with fields and values displayed.