Landing Page

The landing page content type is most often used to make a homepage or the first page in a new section. Landing pages are built using bands

  • Each band can have a plain background, background color or background image.
  • Each band can have one to four columns, or or it can have a tabs/accordion, which fills a single full-width column.
  • Each column in a band can be filled with text, an image or a card (e.g., event or CTA card).

How To Create a Landing Page

screenshot Landing Page Add

Go to Content > Add Content > Landing Page. 

  1. Title (recovery): Write the name of the landing page that will be seen when it's published.
  2. Summary: Add a brief description of the page to the summary field. You can use up to 150 characters. This description will help inform uses about the page in Google search results.
  3. Hide title: If you don't wish the title to appear on the live page, check the box.
screenshot of Landing Page steps 1-3

Add Bands

screenshot of Landing Page Add Bands

Use one band or as many bands as you need to create your landing page.

Go to Bands > Add Band.

  1. Choose a width. (See examples of the sizing options below.)
  2. Click on the width you want to use, and a new band will be automatically created.
Tab/Accordion Items

screenshot of Landing Page Full Width Band

screenshot of Landing Page 2 Column Bands

screenshot of Landing Page 2 Column Band Sizing Options 2
screenshot of Landing Page 2 column band half width shifted 2
screenshot of Landing Page 2 Column Band two-thirds/one-third
screenshot of Landing Page 2 Column Band one-third/two-thirds
screenshot of Landing Page 2 Column Band two-thirds shifted

screenshot of Landing Page 3 Column Bands

screenshot of Landing Page 4 Column Bands

Add Content to Bands

The band title extends across the entire width of the band. Using a band title is optional, as are titles for each column within a band.

Use the text editor to write in the band, similar to how you would in Microsoft Word.

You can also add a child paragraph and insert one of the following paragraph types: article card, carousel, CTA card, NC map, view embed and webform embed.

Add Images to Bands

The background image must be between 1440 x 500 and 1440 x 1000 pixels. Choose your photo carefully so that text on top of it is readable. If the background image is dark, you may want to use white text, so it’s readable. Choose “Core – Black” from the color scheme list, and the text will automatically display as white.

Organizing Bands

Reorder bands by either dragging them or using row weights:

  • To drag, click and drag the bands up or down with the cross-like symbol to the left.
screenshot of Landing Page Drag Bands
  • To use row weights, select show row weights to the right of the band, and change the order in which you want each band to appear by changing the number in each box. The lowest number appears on top.
screenshot of Landing Page Band Row Weights

Save and Publish

screenshot of Landing Page Menu Settings

To save the landing page in the menu, click on Menu settings, and check the box beside Provide a menu link.

To publish the page, click Published at the bottom of the page, and then click Save.